We make reference and text books available to students, educators and libraries across K-12 and Higher Education Sectors. This includes a wide range of subjects from Maths, Chemistry, History, Sociology to Psychology, Political Science, Biology, and Physics.

Apart from printed books, we also offer e-books to our clients. There is a shift from print to digital materials of all sorts. Education too is becoming more and more digitised. Thus, we adapted to incorporate e-books to our resources. E-books are a faster, more economical, and accessible format of reading.

Through our network of partners that includes numerous publishers and channel of distributors both in India and internationally, we are able to source publications on any subject, in any format, from anywhere in the world. This ensures that our catalogue is vast and consists of books on all subjects.

We don’t just limit ourselves to published resources. We also help in licensing research data. There is a rising trend towards a planned release of such data and not enough guidance about licensing it. We help guide our clients and provide them with an awareness of why licensing data is important, the impact they could have on the future of research, and the potential pitfalls to avoid.

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